Sunday, 9 December 2012

Bakery skill?

Hi there,

"ehmm....what a sweet and delicious smell"..I said to myself when I open my eyes this morning but I did not wake up ... just laying on my bed. Because the smell is too strong, I finally wake up from my bed. It is durian!! But when did my family bought a durian? I rush to laddies and quickly went to kitchen.

ohhh...I see. My dad are making durian's crepe while I saw my mom and sis making a topping of two cakes. It understandable if my dad are making a crepe but why there are two cakes? Whatever...

When my dad saw me..quickly he order me to design the cakes. I actually lazy to help but I cannot argue. I just help this and there a little with my sis.

This is one of my design

I also do not know what shape it is..I just cut it, put a cream on it and place it like that 

This design I do it according of what my dad and sis told me

I named this cake snow fairy because I use only white cream with sugar and the biscuits

This is my first idea today..I named it browny cake with durian

 This I done it with sis

I named this cake as a hobby. Not sure if it is suitable or not. It is not the real recipe. I names snow fairy because snow fairy is one of the song that I like.

I like to eat cake since I small but I learn to make cake since I watch Korean drama - Panda and Hedgehog. This drama is about patisserie acting by Lee Donghae, a member of Super Junior. I like to watch the cakes in that drama. it so beautiful and unique.

I hope I can make cakes like in that drama someday.



  1. hehe..xde la.saje2 buat je. belajar wat design kek

  2. Replies
    1. kan..kan
      byk sangat sampai x termakan..huhuhu
      lgpun yg makan kek kat rmh..ak sorang je
      rase nye berat bdan ak da naik skrg..hahaha