Sunday, 3 February 2013

Further Study

Dear blogger,

Alhamdulillah..on 31st January, I got an offer to further my studies in Degree in Fine Art at Shah Alam. At first I read that offer, I feel like I want to scream but no voice came out. My heart beating fast and my jaw dropped. Then I smile like crazy. Quickly I told my dad and he feel happy about it. ^___^


Then I signed in my facebook account and chat with my friends to ask them about the offer. Some of them got it too but a few not. I feel sympathy towards them I give them courage to apply again and not give up. A lot of my friend especially my close friend got it at Perak. Far away from me. Miss them a lot...

But there also my friends that got it at Shah Alam or other campus at Shah Alam. Feel happy about it. At least I'm not alone.

Suddenly I feel quite nervous. I thought about preparation that I need to do(entry form,medical checkup), hostel, money and a lot of other things. I also need to recall my previous learning and refresh it. Thought that it is a lot difficult than diploma.

Hope I can finish my degree excellently. ^___^