Monday, 11 February 2013

Trip to Malacca

Dear blogger,

I know this is kind of late,but I will share it anyway - our trip to Malacca (2011).

For your information, Malacca is one of the most historical place in Malaysia and had been listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2008. According to the legend, Malacca is named from Malacca tree by Parameswara who was resting under that tree - watch one of his dogs cornered a mouse deer but that dog had been pushed into a river. Impressed by that deer action, he decided to build an empire on that spot. Because of it's strategic location between India and China, Malacca has been known as port or trade center for merchants. Until today, Malacca became one of the centers of tourism from other countries and local itself.

It is my second trip since I enrolled in UiTM Perak. Yeah!! The first one is Penang but it is not too enjoyable. I think? Because the trip is for one day only. Since my batch have 4 classes, it is a little crowded. But I do not care at all. What I want to do is enjoy my trip as I can. By the way, our lectures give an assignment to us (related to our course) - sketches and take a picture as many as you can about Malacca.

Here is some picture ^___^

Old Cannon

Bicycle Rickshaw 

Taming Sari Tower

Scene from St Paul's Church

Need to climb stairs to St Paul's Church friends photoshot around St Paul's Church

Fort A'Famosa

Seller at St Paul's Church

Meet an artist at Fort A'Famosa

In an old ship? Don't remember the name..sorry

St Paul's Church - shot from below

Istana Kesultanan Melaka

Very old tree

Unique stump

Unique tree trunk

Model of Ox-Cart or Kereta Lembu

Casting-Malacca Art Gallery

Malacca Art Gallery

Painting-Malacca Art Gallery

River Cruise

Malacca Art Gallery


Don't remember the name

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