Thursday, 18 July 2013

I'm back!!

Dear blogger,

It is the time for Ramadan. A fasting month for Muslim around the world. Let's improve our good deeds and prayer in this month. May Allah S.W.T bless us.First of all, I want to say sorry for those who read and follow my blog because my late update. Really really sorry. A lot of things happen and it will take time to tell you all about it. So, I just make it simple.

I done my first semester in university and now i'm on holiday. Feel excited that i can relax at home and be with my own family. There is a lot of things that I want to share. First, I already graduated from diploma and went to Convocation Day!!! Yahoo...feel happy that i had past diploma level and i can meet my friends. Miss them a lot. A friends that always help me, advice me, change me, make jokes, share knowledge, and share emotions. They gave me the best memories ever. ^____^
not ready for the shoot!

my friends..

me at the back.. ^__^
It really sad thought that my family cannot came that day. I'm just pretend to be happy but deep inside my heart..dissapointed. Maybe because my friends came along with their family and i'm not. But I try to accept reality. They have reasons they cannot came, not they don't want to came.
*It is my first time go there with friends. Thanks to the driver-Dila


Next story is about my second time climbed Gunung Ledang or called Mount Ophir in English. This experience are different from last time. This time is more challenging and full of knowledge. It is more than climb and see a beautiful view. We climbed to learn and find ourselves, about who we are.

This trip called as Kem Penyambung Warisan Era 22. Been held by our seniors at campus and alumni. We arrived at the bottom of Gunung Ledang at around 11.00 am. We needed to repacked our bags to add items to cooks and other things. It's very heavy. At first checkpoint, I already tired and always stop under the trees. Then we climbed and reached at base camp around ?hehe. Not remember the time. We then prepared the base camp and done many activities in 4 days. Tired but fun. Really do not have enough sleep. At fifth day, we climbed to the top of Gunung Ledang. Unlucky, I have a stomachache that day. I feel extremely tired and cannot continue the climbing. I feel like all my energy has been drained from me. Our trainer said that if we tired, hug a tree. I follow the advice but nothing happen. Maybe because I wear a gloves? Others members in my group give me a support to not give up and continue to climb. They help me climb, they ask me if i'm okey or not, and they give us(me and other friend that also tired) ways to lead the group. ^___^

with group members

beautiful isn'it

where am I?

view from heli

Taman Bonsai

we look like an ants

still have a time to take photo :P

At last I'm finally arrived at peak of Gunung Ledang with my members. yeah!!!

Then we need to wait for other groups that are still climbing and unluckily it is afternoon. You understand what I mean right..hehehe. Really hot because there are no trees at the top. Just a small, and clear soil. Anyways I'm feel happy ^___^
*P/S cannot wait to climb down

It's funny when my friend told our members that when I'm climb, I the slowest but when climb down, I'm the fastest. hahaha. Really. When climbing I feel like dying but when climb down I feel more energetic. Do not know why? The fact is when I climb down I feel like flying. I touched the trees at both left and my right side with bare hands and they support me. The trees gives me some energy that allows me to move fastest. It so cool and I feel happy when touch the surface of the trees. Moreover, I like it when it happen. Then, I'm arrived at based camp.

It is so fun.^____^

Salam Ramadan  guys.
Thanks for friends who upload a pictures

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