Saturday, 11 October 2014

RECALLS: Pulau Pangkor

Dear bloggers,

While struggle about the thesis, i'm take a few minutes rest by looking at old picture. It make me want to write something about my journey. Although it is not fascinating and exciting as other people but it is very special for me.

The story happen when i'm still in diploma at Sri Iskandar. I don't remember well when exactly is the journey but i think it is when semester break. The plan should including all my classmate, however only 5 people that going. We start our travel by boarding a bus to Lumut then boarding a ferry to Pulau Pangkor. We rent a bicycle at the camp site to travel the next day. We travel all around Pangkor by riding a bicycle with the hilly road surfaces. Feel shy when people keep looking at us especially at the hills. Funny when we cannot climb the hills by bike...we had to push our bike hehe. At night, we had a barbeque...and enjoy the night at beach. Below is some of the picture that we take... ^_^

photoshoot at ... err...i don't remember this place but it contain historical value

3 girls at cannon

hiyarghh....pull and push. no wonder it's not going anywhere :P

we are here!!!

when we first arrive

first night-waiting for the food...we hungryyyy

we rent a bicycle to travel around was challenging with the hills

my first time board a


view from the hill

view at the beach

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